How to establish the connection between Android phone and Jarv Elite Fitness band?

A .Please follow the procedures below. Check if the Android version of your phone is Android 4.3 above, and if it does support Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy?

To determine what version is running on your device, select "Settings > More > About Device / About tablet".

1. Please select "Settings                                         2. Please click "More > About Device"                                    


3. Android version is in the red square.


B. After you checked above, please follow the instructions below to wear the Jarv Elite Fitness Band (SBD1400) and connect with i-gotU Life app:

1. Please download and install i-gotU Life app on your phone: 

Please ensure that you have correctly worn the Jarv Elite Fitness Band . Please refer to the user manual below.

Jarv Elite Fitness Band online user manual:

2. After wearing your Jarv Elite Fitness Band , please open i-gotU Life app and click "Yes. First Time" to start the installation
If you have installed this Jarv Elite Fitness Band with any other phone previously, please click "No, Not first time”.










3. Please make sure that your Jarv Elite Fitness Band is fully charged when using it for the first time. It takes about 2 hours before it is fully charged, if you have not fully charged your device, Smart BT will not work as expected. Please click "NEXT".

4. If you have not turned on your phone Bluetooth function, it will prompt you to turn it on. Please click "Yes".

5. After turning on Bluetooth, i-gotU Life will start to search your Jarv Elite Fitness Band Band.

1. If your device Bluetooth function cannot detect your Jarv Elite Fitness Band , please click the Jarv Elite Fitness Band button once and then back to the App and scan again. If it still does not find anything,
 please charge your Jarv Elite Fitness Band for 10 seconds to remove power protective mode... and scan again.

2. Jarv Elite Fitness Band will connect to the server and check the firmware version where the Jarv Elite Fitness Band was first connected, Please make sure Wi-Fi or 3G network of your phone has been turned on.

6. When searching your  Smart BT, please click on it. It will be connected automatically.

7. Please click the button of your Jarv Elite Fitness Band twice in 30 seconds in order to confirm the connection of the device.

8. Now, Jarv Elite Fitness Band is connected. Please click "NEXT".

9. You will need to input the correct personal information, or it will not analyze your sport data accurately.

10. i-gotU Life will auto-detect the firmware of Jarv Elite Fitness Band , please click "NEXT" to upgrade to the latest version.

11. When upgrading the firmware, it needs to take around 10~15 minutes. Please be patient to wait and not to close the app

12. Jarv Elite Fitness Band is set up successfully. Please click "Complete" to start to use.


13. Please go back to the main page of the app, it will show "Connected" on the left top. You can start to use i-gotU Life.